The project Bądź turystą w swojej macierzy [Be a tourist in your motherland] has two objectives:

1) to analyze the potential of Poland as a recreational (holiday) tourist destination for the Polish community in Great Britain and Poles in Lithuania;

2) preparation of a tourist offer for increasing the participation of Polish diaspora from Great Britain and Poles from Lithuania in holiday trips to Poland.

The choice of the topic of the project stems from the conviction that the great resource of Poland, which makes our country attractive to others, is the priceless cultural, natural and historical heritage. Through the project’s activities, we want to work towards strengthening the sense of pride in the cultural heritage of Poles in Great Britain and Lithuania, which is not only a positive contribution to the history of the region, Europe and the world, but also has the potential and value of a tourist attraction. 

Analyzing the problem addressed by the project we saw the need to undertake a two-way approach to the promotion of the unique and exceptional Polish cultural heritage abroad – i.e. in addition to major promotional campaigns, including the marketing activities of Polish travel agencies in the UK and Lithuania, there is also a necessity of using the potential of whisper marketing.

The activities planned under the project assume the preparation of a promotional campaign of the tourist face of Poland, tailored to the preferences of three age groups among Poles in Great Britain and Poles from Lithuania, distinguished by different motivations and forms of mobility. These groups are school children and students, late generation Y (31-40 years of age) and generation X (41-55/60 years of age). 

We hope that the promotion of Poland’s cultural and historical resources will be attractive to demanding recipients, such as Poles living abroad. We want to present such an offer that will correspond to their individual preferences, but at the same time will make them share their own experience in their communities of residence.

The project is implemented by the Fundacja Lepsza Polska with funds from the “Polacy i Polonia za granicą 2021” program. The project is implemented in partnership with the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association in Lithuania, the Oxford Polish Association, the Center for Lithuanian Studies of the Jagiellonian University and the Polish Scientific Center of the Jagiellonian University. Additionally, the Polish Tourist Organization has declared cooperation on the project.